About Me

Álvaro Félix, producer since 2016

From musician to producer

I play several instruments, I have always been attached to performances. In 2016 I decided to start doing the same in the studio, working in new music.

Working for companies and musicians

As soon as I became professional, some companies and artists started to discover my work and I started to create music for other kind of projects.

That's how I started creating music for ads, radios, films, videogames...

I love to work with musicians and develop their ideas.

Other projects

I also have my own projects, working with the biggest labels as Spinnin' Records (Warner Music Group); and playing shows around the world.

My own Label Group

Back in 2020, together with my team, I founded my own label group, Frsh  Br3ath Group.

I try to launch emerging artists and help them developing their sound.